Friday, March 14, 2014

Third Time Is NOT The Charm

I was hoping that the third time I was going to like this movie. But I still just think it was maybe okay. I don't think the Catching Fire movie is as good as everyone made it out to be. This is my third time watching it and I'm still disappointed.

We rented it. Now I usually prefer the theater experience to the couch, but eh. Got to see it on my TV sometime. And I'm sure when I buy the DVD I won't watch it much, but oh well. But I thought maybe, just maybe, the movie would be better if it was in my own home. Still not that great. Although getting to pause it when I had to pee was refreshing. That's the one perk to watching movies at home.

I already talked about why I don't like the movie as a whole. So this time I would like to talk about Effie. More specifically, Effie's Makeup and clothes. I don't know what they were doing but it was not a good choice. The outfit where she has like gold hair and makeup just so horrible looking. I want to cry each time I see it. Like no. Just no. What are you doing? The ONLY outfit Effie had on that actually looked good was the butterfly reaping dress. That's it. Shows over.

That's, hopefully, the last problem I've found with the movie. I'm sure another will come up when I actually buy the DVD and waste another two and half hours of my life crying over how this movie is way overrated. It's good. It's just not the best movie ever.

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