Monday, July 29, 2013

Short Books VS Long Books

So I'm going to try something new today, which I'm calling Discussion Monday. (Look at my poorly made design thing.) During which I will introduce a book related topic and provide my opinion on it and then you can feel free to agree or disagree in the comments. This is another attempt by me to get more posts on my blog. So lets see how this goes.

Today's discussion: Short or Long books. Which do you prefer? For me I've always liked long books better. Both have there pro and cons but for me I just like beefier books. If I'm going to spend sixteen dollars on a book I want it to have some length to it. Sure long books may take a little while to read, but if it's a good book it shouldn't feel like that. I feel like in longer books I have more time to get to know the characters and I'll probably end up caring about them more because I've spent more time with them. Not to say a short book cant do that, because it can, but sometimes if the writer isn't skilled enough and the book is short the characters can fall flat. So when I'm in a bookstore and I'm trying to pick between two books and one's 500 pages and the other is only 250 I'll probably choose the 500 pager just because I want more. I think maybe it's just a human thing to want more of something good and to have the bigger is better mindset.

So, what do you think?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

World War Z

I went to see World War Z with a couple of my siblings last night. It will be the last time I see a movie with Amy and Emily because they talked the whole time, making me want to strangle them. Seriously, if you're one of those people that doesn't shut up during a movie then don't go see movies. It's annoying and I hate you. I would see a movie with my brother Travis again though. I get the feeling he didn't like this movie, but I did.

Actually, I loved this movie. I know that it's also a book but I've never read it because it didn't seem interesting to me. I still don't plan to read it because everyone says the book and movie are a lot different. I think one of the reasons I liked the movie so much is because it had a lot of scienceish undertones to it. I expected it to be more horror, which is fine, I love horror movies, but it wasn't, which was also fine. It did have a few parts that made me jump a little but it was nothing that would make someone lose sleep or anything.

Another reason I loved this movie was because Gerry (Brad Pitt) was a good guy just trying to protect his family. He was doing everything he could to keep them safe. I thought it was a refreshing change. I feel like most movies and books are going overboard with giving their main character an edgy and dark past/personality. That just wasn't the case here.

World War Z, directed by Marc Forster, is a must see. I know in most theaters the movie is already done playing, but if you live near one where it's still in you should go see it. Or when it comes out on demand or Netflix you should consider renting it. If you liked Contagion or Outbreak I think you would like this movie because that's kind of what it was like, except the virus turns people into zombies which is way cooler. Also there was a good amount of violence so that's always a plus.

I give this movie four stars


In hopes to get more posts in I've decided I'm going to add movie reviews to my blog. I mean, hey, I keep dvd's on my bookshelf at home. Mostly because I have no space, but whatever. The movie reviews will not take over the blog, it will still mostly be books. I just saw a movie last night that I will be reviewing later. It got out at like midnight so I'm going back to bed, but when I wake up again I will review it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Alchemy of Forever by Avery Williams

I recommend this book
There are two reasons why I would finish a book in a day. One of them would be simply because the book is just that good. The second is because the power is out. I'm happy to report that I found a book worth reading in a single afternoon because it's just that good. I do have one problem with it though, but I'll get to that later.

Our story features Seraphina, a six hundred year old woman who has mastered the art of living forever. The only problem is to live forever she has to steal the bodies of somebody who is already living, thus killing them. Seraphina realizes what she's doing is wrong and plans to leave and die when her time in her current body is up. But when she tries to save the life of a teenage girl, Kailey, she ends up accidentally taking her body. While all this is going on she's also trying to get away from her evil boyfriend of six hundred years, Cyrus. Well there's your basic plot. I wasn't sure if I was going to be interested in a story like this. It sounded kind of cookie cutter. I was wrong. This book is amazing.

Williams has a good writing style, good characters, a good plot, and a great ending. And with the book being under three hundred pages it's an easy, relaxing, read. I'm really glad i picked it up. I enjoyed seeing Seraphina try to live as Kailey and I could see her struggles. With it being such a short book I was worried that the characters would be boring, but they weren't. Despite it's length I felt like I was getting a story that was more detailed than most.

Now, back to my problem. Despite how great this book was, one word just keeps popping into my head. And that word would be "average". I cant really explain why I feel this book was average, but that's just what I'm getting. I don't even know how to rate this book because despite it being amazing I cant stop thinking it was missing something, even if i don't know what it is. I would, however, recommend this book. I don't think anybody will be disappointed.

I give this book four stars

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So every now and then this terrible thing called life gets in the way of my reading. According to goodreads I'm like four books behind scheduled and it's actually making me sad. Even though with my job I'm working like a significantly less amount of hours than I would be if I were going to school I find it harder to find time to read because when I get home my feet hurt so bad that I just lay down and take a nap which ends up lasting for three hours. So starting now I'm going to try harder to get reading time in. Sorry. My bad.

Thursday, July 4, 2013