Sunday, July 28, 2013

World War Z

I went to see World War Z with a couple of my siblings last night. It will be the last time I see a movie with Amy and Emily because they talked the whole time, making me want to strangle them. Seriously, if you're one of those people that doesn't shut up during a movie then don't go see movies. It's annoying and I hate you. I would see a movie with my brother Travis again though. I get the feeling he didn't like this movie, but I did.

Actually, I loved this movie. I know that it's also a book but I've never read it because it didn't seem interesting to me. I still don't plan to read it because everyone says the book and movie are a lot different. I think one of the reasons I liked the movie so much is because it had a lot of scienceish undertones to it. I expected it to be more horror, which is fine, I love horror movies, but it wasn't, which was also fine. It did have a few parts that made me jump a little but it was nothing that would make someone lose sleep or anything.

Another reason I loved this movie was because Gerry (Brad Pitt) was a good guy just trying to protect his family. He was doing everything he could to keep them safe. I thought it was a refreshing change. I feel like most movies and books are going overboard with giving their main character an edgy and dark past/personality. That just wasn't the case here.

World War Z, directed by Marc Forster, is a must see. I know in most theaters the movie is already done playing, but if you live near one where it's still in you should go see it. Or when it comes out on demand or Netflix you should consider renting it. If you liked Contagion or Outbreak I think you would like this movie because that's kind of what it was like, except the virus turns people into zombies which is way cooler. Also there was a good amount of violence so that's always a plus.

I give this movie four stars

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