Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Top Seven Future Reads

Hey, look, I'm actually posting something. It's Top Seven Tuesday, though as I'm writing this it's getting pretty close to Whatever Wednesday. I'm not even sure what top seven I'm going to do. At first I was thinking my top seven English teachers and then a frightening realization hit me that I don't even remember half of their names. Then I was just going to to do top seven teachers, but then I couldn't figure out if I was going to put Chuck at stop seven or spot one and I'm just not having that bullshit tonight. So... I'm still thinking. Give me a minute.

I got it. Currently, on Goodreads, I have 189 books on my to-read shelf. So today my top seven is: The Top Seven Books I Am Looking Forward To Reading. That's a long ass title. I think I'll shorten it on the title box.

Looking For Alaska by
 John Green 
7) Looking For Alaska by John Green. I've been putting off reading this for a long time, mostly because I was too lazy to buy it. But my Grandparents got my sister ALL of John Green's books for Christmas so I'll probably borrow it from her. I can't wait to read this book. I'm more than excited for it. Everyone who has read it says that they loved it. So it's on my list. John Green is one of my most favorite people in the world. Like if I met him I think I would just die. The end. I'm dead. I'd pass out so hard.

6) Rise of Heroes by Hayden Thorne. It's a gay superhero story. What more can I say.

5) R.I.P: Choices After Death by Daniel Sherrier. I can't remember for the life of me where I found out about this book, but I did, and it looks awesome. It's high up on my must read list. It just looks good. I'll link you to the Goodreads description here. Totally worth checking out, or at least i think so. Ghost stories have kind of always been my thing though.
Article 5 by
Kristen Simmons

4) Article Five by Kristen Simmons. There's really only one reason I want to read this book, and it's my sister Amy. To set the mood of the story allow me to tell you about our relationship. It's not a good one. I literally accidentally knocked over her pain stand a few nights ago and she wrote a status about how she wants to kill me over it. I broke it. Oops. But that's just one of the many reasons why she hates me and never lets me touch any of her stuff. She got the book on her Kindle for summer reading and she said it was so good that she would let me borrow her kindle so I could read it. She doesn't even trust me to touch her keys, never mind her kindle. So that's why I have to read it. If it's so good she's actually going to let me borrow something of her's then it would just be an injustice not to read it.
Born at Midnight
by C.C Hunter

3) Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter. This is one that I've been meaning to read for a really really really long time. The only reason I want to read it is because the main characters name is Kylie, and that's my best friends name (that and the story actually sounds good, so). But it was just one of those books that caught my eye, and  I think the cover looks really nice. So that's why I'm up for it.

2) Croak by Gina Damico. Another book I've been meaning to read for, like, ever. I can't remember what originally attracted me to the book, but I remember being really excited when I heard about it like a year ago. It is about Grim Reapers though, so that's pretty awesome. I love Grim Reaper stories so much it hurts. Mary, a friend of mine who reads like three books a day, also gave it a really high praise. I don't know why that matters, because the books she picks usually suck, but it makes me feel a little bit better. Hecka excited to finally start reading it soon. I have high hopes which usually is not a good thing.

Gay Porn Book
1) And the number one is? Community Service by Vaughn R. Demont. The third and final (I think final?) gay porn book series that I love so much. I kind of had to take a break from reading them because my mother was like: "ARE YOU READING PORN? KNOCK IT OFF." So I had to wait until she forgot, and she hasn't mentioned it in a while so I think I am in the clear. This series makes me feel so much I might die. I cannot wait for Spencer and James to team up in the third book. I'm gonna cry buckets of gay porn tears. So excited I might die. I cannot stress that enough.

So that's my top seven. I hope you enjoyed this post, because I'm pretty sure that it will be my only one this month. I'm swamped until we finish Dracula and get done with all the senior projects. So enjoy. And always, sorry I don't post enough.

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