Sunday, January 26, 2014

Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye

A case of mixed feelings
I think this one is more of a matter of my personal opinion than anything else. While the book was well written and clear I found myself wanting to put it down the further I got into it. I guess I'm not ready to be a Buddhist because I feel like I disagree with almost everything this guy was saying, especially in the first few sections.

Hawkeye tells us we should be grateful and happy. He says we shouldn't have a lot of things. And stuff along those lines. Which I disagree with. I like my things. My things make me happy. I like my things a lot, actually.

So anyways I'm not going to get too far into this book as a review. It's not really a story, just a bunch of lessons. There's no plot to complain about, and no characters to rip apart. So I'm going to say that you take this one as it is, and if you're going to read it then you need to read it with an open mind.

I give this book two and half stars. 

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