Sunday, January 5, 2014

Live For Yourself

It's Quotation Sunday once again. I had a quote picked out for today, but then I went on Goodreads and saw their quote of the day and fell in love. So. Oops. Today's quote is: "We live for books." - Umberto Eco.

This quote immediately made me stop and got me thinking. Lately I haven't been reading a lot. I haven't been living for books. Which is kind of sad, because at one point reading was all I did. I want that again. All I do now is go to school, work, come home, watch TV, and sleep. So today I'm going to really start reading again (you know, after I go out and eat, can't skip that).

People always have something to live for. It might be your family, your friends, your job, or maybe something smaller. Maybe you can't live without your TV. Maybe the idea of missing an episode of Grimm kills you. I want to live for books again. I want to live for the adventure of reading. But always remember, you have to live for yourself first.

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