Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ky and Cassia

It's Ship It Saturday again. Or at least I think it's Saturday. Being on vacation for two weeks is really messing with my internal clock. Anyways, I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought I should.

Today's ship is Ky and Cassia from the Matched trilogy. Now let me start off by saying, I've always liked Ky better than Xander. Always. I mean I liked Xander, he was a chill character. Still, there was never really any part of me that wanted Xander and Cassia together, which is extremely unlike me.

Let me give you a basic run down of every love triangle there has ever been. Girl is friends with boy. Boy love her. Girl doesn't think of him that way. Mysterious/dark/dangerous new boy moves to town or is noticed for the first time. Girl falls in love with bad boy. Bad boy gets girl. Best friend alone. The end.

And for the most part that's how Cassia's love triangle went. I'm going to say that 88% of the time when there's a love triangle I always choose the best friend, because I'm stupid and I love being disappointed. The exception to this is, of course, The Hunger Games, when I chose Peeta. But that's a whole other story. The point is, I chose the mysterious guy for once in my life, Ky. I think there's really only one reason why.

I knew Cassia and Xander were going to be matched together. (By the way you should read the books, they were amazing.) So when Cassia (spoilers?) was matched with Xander I wasn't surprised for even half a second. Being told that they were perfect for each other only made me dislike them as a pair. So when Ky comes along I felt kind of relieved. I wanted Cassia to have someone she didn't have to be with. So maybe it's not so much that I ship Ky and Cassia. Maybe it's more I just don't ship Xander and Cassia.

Either way, I finally got what I wanted.

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