Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Project Cain by Geoffrey Girard

I would not recommend this book.
Before we get into the review let me just say that the "author/blogger drama" surrounding this book will not be factored into my review. Because you know. I'm not in eighth grade and I don't care about the he said she said of it all.

With that said, boy am I disappointed. I can't believe I wasted my, now very limited, time reading this. It was a good concept and it just ended up all wrong.

What do I mean by that? Well. The book is about clones of serial killers. How in the world do you mess up such a cool concept? I mean really. I hate to sound creepy with a capital C but, serial killers are kinda my thing. Clones are cool too. So what went wrong?

Meet sixteen year old Jeff. Clone of Jeffrey Dahmer. Name sound familiar? Well if you use your car radio then you've probably heard Katy Perry's song Dark Horse (and you've probably heard it a billion times) and he's briefly mentioned in there. But he was actually like kinda more interesting than the Katy Perry song makes him seem. He was a gay serial killer who killed like seventeen dudes and then like kept their body parts sometimes. You can look it up if you want. Which is exactly what Girard tells you to do. Instead of giving some really interesting information on Dahmer he has Jeff tell readers to look him up. Strike one. Granted I was already pretty familiar with Dahmer, because as I said before, serial killers are kinda my thing, but the average person isn't as insane as me and probably wouldn't know about Dahmer. Especially not a teenage audience. Most teens aren't going to stop what they are doing to look it up themselves. I'm kinda disappointed that we didn't get more into the details of some of the monsters they talked about.

So that was strike one. What about two? Well. The writing itself is a mess. One thing I'm sure you've heard your English teacher say over and over again is "SHOW DON'T TELL" and I don't think this guy got it. There was a lot of telling and not enough showing. At times it was almost like the information was just being thrown at me. Not good.

Strike three was the plot itself. I guess I expected it to be more of a political-science fiction-thriller type thing. And I got at lot of political government take over stuff with limited thrill and some very unlikely science fiction. A lot of conspiracy theories too. Maybe that's my fault. Maybe I shouldn't have just assumed that it was going to actionish. But I did. And now I'm disappointed.

Overall I am not impressed with this book at all.

I give this book two stars

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