Saturday, March 2, 2013

Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

I recommend this book
Oh my god. This book. At first I did not like the beginning, but the deeper into the book you go the better it gets. Meet Braden, a gay witch. And that really bothers me. Not that he's gay, that's pretty awesome. My biggest problem with the entire book as that Braden is always referring to himself as a witch. Last time I checked male witches are wizards. It literally drove me insane the whole book. However, that's really the only problem that I've come across while reading this.

One thing I love about this book is that Braden is not your stereotypical flamboyant gay guy. All the characters are really well developed.
I absolutely love Trey, Bradens love interest. If Trey was a real person he would be one of those guys that I instantly fall for. I love him. I hate him. I want to hug him. I want to kill him. Yup, he's a good character. Not to mention, the plot is actually good, and the writing style is one I can actually stand.

So what is the plot? It goes a little something like this: Braden is a witch, we already covered that, he lives with his uncle, he runs away to protect him. He finds himself in the middle of two very powerful magical families fighting for, uh, well, him. Did I mention the forbidden love? Those are always fun. So yeah you need to read this. There is one part that made me so overwhelmed I just had to put it down for a few minutes to catch my breath. Granted I should have seen it coming. There were a lot of things I should have seen coming that I didn't. This book is just so good. Why are you not reading it yet?

I give this book four stars

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