Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dora the Explorer: So Many Butterflies by Lara Bergen

Not for me, but maybe for your kids
So yesterday I went to my doctors because I've been sick for three weeks, So he came in and talked to me and blah blah doctor stuff. He had me do a mono test (negative, thank goodness because I can't be missing work) and on his way out the door he was like "If you'd like to catch up on some reading here's some Dora and tossed me the book." To which my reply was "Dora, my favorite." Then I actually read the book because it took the nurse a billion years (five minutes) to get in there.

So yeah. I haven't done a review in a while so I'm really going to review Dora for you today. I guess this review is for the parents looking for something for their kids to read and kids that shouldn't be on the internet looking for something to read.

Dora. Who didn't love Dora as a kid? I didn't. My sister did. Did I love this book? No. Will kids like my sister? Yes. It was a decent book, for Dora. It won't be winning any rewards, but it's Dora. The book follows Dora and Boots looking for butterflies, as the title so obviously suggests. Dora is a stupid slut and likes to point out the colors of the butterflies. Thanks Dora, I totally needed you to do that for me. That's basically the book, with a small plot twist of it starting to rain and them going in a cave and then a rainbow and all sorts of stupid Dora like stuff.

Is the book worth reading? Not for someone my age, unless you're at your pediatricians office because you're seventeen and don't have an adult doctor yet and you need something to read while you wait for your nurse to prick your finger for a mono test. But for someone under six or seven this book is probably fine. So parents, go ahead. Buy a Dora book for your child. They need something to read anyways.

I give this book three stars

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