Friday, November 15, 2013

Marvel Movies

It's Fandom Friday. The day that I talk about a fandom I'm apart of. Today's fandom is the Marvel movie fandom.

Now, before we get started, I think I should explain. I read comics. I read a lot of comics. I am like your classic geek. But I don't consider myself a Marvel comics fan so much as I do Marvel movies. I'm not saying Marvel comics aren't good, because they are, in fact they are spectacular. I just don't think I've read enough or have enough comics to consider myself a true Marvel comics fan. So today, I'm just talking about the Marvel movie fandom, because I've see basically all of them like 8000 times each.

That being said, let's begin. I chose to do the Marvel movie fandom today because I just went to see Thor: The Dark World, for the second, and probably not the last, time. That's one of the reasons I love this fandom. To create a movie that somebody would spend thirty bucks on more than once, well, that's impressive. Very few movies can do that. Do you think I saw that horrible Beautiful Creatures movie more than once at the theater? No. How about the first Percy Jackson movie? Hell no. And I was in love with those books. Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, both movies I went to see twice. Granted, I hated Iron Man 3 the first time, but then I came around and changed my mind.

I admire Marvel Studios for being able to pick amazing directors like Joss Whedon, John Favreau, and Alan Taylor. And I especially admire Marvel for having a plan. Those end of credit scenes (you know the ones that people leave the theater before and then you get to laugh at them) wouldn't work if Marvel hadn't had this all properly planned out before hand. I love Marvel movies because they take the time to do them right.

And I love the fans. This is one of the few fandoms that has fans that aren't crazy. Well, we're crazy, but for different reasons.

I love Marvel movies and I'll continue to see them until Marvel decides to stop making them.

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