Sunday, October 6, 2013

101 Ways to Find a Ghost by Melissa Martin Ellis

Mixed Feelings
101 Ways to Find a Ghost (and a ridiculously long subtitle). More like, 101 ways to look for ghosts. Two very different things. Instead of being a book about how to locate ghosts, like I believed it was going to be, it was more of a book about ways to conduct a paranormal investigation and how to form a team. While I really enjoyed some of the information this book had to offer I find myself feeling cheated. Interesting topic. Not a very interesting book.

It was a decent book and a decent read, especially with Halloween getting closer. I think if it wasn't for such misdirection the book would have been good. It wasn't so much of a story, just an instruction manual. So if you're interested in becoming a ghost hunter then this book may be for you (and no, that's not a stupid career choice). Just looking for something to read? Maybe you shouldn't pick this up.

I give this book three stars

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