Monday, October 7, 2013

White Horse by Alex Adams

I do not recommend this book
White Horse by Alex Adams, a book so bad I didn't even bother to really learn the main characters name. Even now as I write this I have to go back and look. That is how bad this book is. I don't even care about the characters. When a book fails to make you care about the characters  it fails as a book.

Zoe. Her name was Zoe. And Zoe was probably one of the most boring characters I have ever had the misfortune of reading about. Zoe is haunted by a nightmare about a jar, which she believed caused the end of the world. Bad plot right there. Skipping that, because at this point why even bother with something as stupid as that lack of a plot. Zoe is like all the other characters, bland. You couldn't pay me to read this book again.

And what about that terrible style it's written in? The author uses a style in which I found not only unneeded but somewhat confusing. Adams switches things a lot. By that I mean one second Zoe will be talking about what she's doing in the end of the world, then the next she will be talking about what she was doing before. I think this could have been done well if someone else had done it. Adams lacks something. The writing is often over fluffed and misguided.

I give this book one star

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