Friday, October 4, 2013

The Hunger Games Fandom

Fandom Friday? Last week I told you I finally picked what I was going to do on Friday's. This is it. So every Friday I'm going to pick a Fandom that I'm in to talk about. I'm going to try to stick to book fandoms, but I might go into TV, movie, or band fandoms. This weeks fandom? Hunger Games.

I'm in the Hunger Games fandom for many reasons. One, because the books were amazing. Two, because the fans don't suck. I try to stay away from the fandoms where all the fans are crazy. I will not listen to One Direction because I do not want to be associated with their fans. I don't mind when I tell people I'm a Hunger Games fan.

At this point I think everybody who wanted to read The Hunger Games books has done so, or is in the process of doing so. I love these books. And I even really loved the movie. I cant wait for the Catching Fire movie. I love Jennifer Lawrence. I love all the actors. I love being apart of this fandom. Every day I go to work with the pin on my uniform. For me this is more than a fandom, it's a family.

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