Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beautiful Creatures Movie VS Book

Is today Thursday or Friday? No matter. I'm posting today anyways. At the very start of my blog I reviewed the Beautiful Creatures book. It's the only one in the series I actually cared for. So when I saw the trailer for the movie I knew I had to go see it to make sure they didn't ruin the only good book in that terrible series. Guess what guys. They did. Granted I'm very aware that sometimes things have to change, and sometimes things cant fit into the movie. But its like the only things they got right were the characters names. So I've decided to give you the pro's and con's of the movie.

I'll start with the con's because there was a shit ton of those.

1) Bad cast
2) Bad acting
3) Only female casters carry the curse and while I cant remember if that's how it is in the book or not, I was pretty sure it was everyone who carried the curse. And I don't get why they would change that.
4) Larkin isn't a dark caster.
5) Ridley was barely in the movie
6) We were introduced to Sarafine way way way too early in the movie and it took much of the suspense out of it.
7) The "fight" at the end was way underplayed and nothing like in the book.
8) Amma is the librarian.
9) We never see Ethan's dad (which means we don't see Ridley trying to kill him which was one of my favorite parts)
10) No dance
11) Ridley doesn't make everyone go to Lena's birthday party. In fact, we don't really see her birthday party at all.
12) Everything was out of order.
13) Even if you haven't read the book the movie is still really really really really bad.
14) The pace was dreadfully slow.


1) The ending. While the ending wasn't anything like the book I still really liked it. Lena casts a spell on Ethan to make him forget her, and it works. At the end Ethan leaves with Link for a college road trip. Ethan starts to remember Lena and he jumps out of the car and starts screaming her name. I thought this was kind of cute even though it was nothing like the book.
2) There is no 2. That's really how bad the movie was.

So if you haven't already wasted thirty dollars to see this terrible movie then I'm really jealous of you. Please save yourself the trouble and just read the book. It was so much better.

I give this movie no stars


  1. 2 things.
    I love the book and so, I wanted to say only the female casters carry the curse.
    Larkin comes a dark caster at the end.

    1. Thank you for clearing that up. It's been a while since I've read the books.