Saturday, February 2, 2013

Not A Review

Today lets talk about I use to find myself on yahooanswers all the time asking for people to recommend books for me, and I almost always was disappointed by the answers. Then one day someone told me to get a goodreads account. Honestly this person deserves like all the A+'s because it is the best thing that's ever been invented. If you like to read, but don't know what to read next then get a goodreads. First the website asks you to rate twenty books that you've read and then it spits out a list of books it thinks you are going to like. I was skeptical at first because I was sure it was just going to offer me the same list everyone else was giving me. But it didn't. Now thanks to goodreads I have over 60 series to read, most of which I didn't even know existed. Which is actually really helpful because my goal was to read over 100 books this year. Get one. Guys. Get. A. Goodreads. You wont regret it.  

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