Friday, February 8, 2013

Warriors: Into The Wild by Erin Hunter

I recommend this book
So clearly this book has been out for a while and by now most people have read it. I ran out of books and while I was waiting for my mother to pick me up Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi I needed a book to read while I waited. My sister had given me these cat books a while ago to read and I was like "yeah, I'll totally read these" but it was more to just be nice. And I must say, now that I've read the first one, I'm pleasantly surprised.

At first I didn't want to read it because it is about cat warrior clans. First: I hate cats. Like what even are cats doing. Second: I thought they were for children. But the books are actually really really really really really well written. I was surprised to find such intelligent language in the writing. Even the plot was really good. The book centers around a young house cat named Rusty (soon to be called Firepaw). He eventually becomes part of the thunderclan and such. I don't want to give to much away because everyone should totally read these. Apparently there are like 24 or something but I only have the first four. Even though I really liked it I'm probably still going to use the rest of the series as filler books just because I have so many books to read already. However, I strongly recommend these books for everyone. Even if you're sixteen like me and think you are too cool for warrior cat books.

I give this book four stars

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