Thursday, September 19, 2013


It's Gothic Thursday, the day I talk about what I'm learning in my Gothic Fiction class. As a senior I got to choose what kind of English class I wanted. The options were Gothic Fiction, AP English, Film and Lit, Cowboys and Warriors, and Myths and Legends. Originally I had wanted Film and Lit but it took place during my math class, and the math I'm taking is only during that period. Gothic was my second choice, but I'm really happy with it. It's probably one of the only (Astronomy being the other) classes I truly look forward to in the day.

In my class we are currently reading Frankenstein (tell me if you want a review on it when I'm done. If not I wont do one because the book is kind of really old). I was really surprised to find out that most people don't know that Frankenstein is scientist and not the monster. The monster doesn't even have a name. I've known this since I was like ten, but I guess I was the only one because basically nobody else in my class knew. So, now you know, don't make the mistake again. Another thing that most people don't realize about the book? Yeah, the monster isn't green and he doesn't have a flat head. I'm not sure why that stuck but oh well. And Victor (Frankenstein) isn't a mad scientist, he just had too much determination.

Mary Shelley was really young when she wrote Frankenstein (like 19 or 20ish). Which is probably why the book is covered in grammatical errors that bother even me. I know my grammar isn't the best, but oh my god this book is so poorly written I don't know how it got to be so famous. I keep in mind that when Shelley was writing this books had only just started to become a thing so there really wasn't any rules yet. Still, I expected better. When Frankenstein's monster is created it basically gets two sentences to explain what's going on. That's it. Half a paragraph and the monster is alive.

I do really like my Gothic Fiction class so far, and I cant wait to read more of the novel. I'll see you next Gothic Thursday for some Frankenstein updates.

 *Remember, I go to a tech school so I only have academic classes every other week. I'll be in shop so the next week so the next Gothic Thursday will be in two weeks. If you have any suggestions for the off Thursday leave it in the comments.*

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