Friday, September 13, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2

I recommend this movie
Never go to a movie on opening night. For me, going to see Insidious 2 was a complete last minute decision, and I kind of wish I had waited until next weekend to go. The previews kept being like "coming out Friday the 13th" and I must be stupid or something because I was under the impression that the next Friday the 13th was in October, but no, it's today. I knew I wanted to see it, but I wasn't expecting to go today.

Despite everyone in the theater being obnoxiously loud and rude I really enjoyed this movie. It's plagued with horror movie cliches, but lets be honest, when we see a horror movie isn't that what we're looking for? I know it's what I want to see. Even though it followed a basic horror movie plot line it was still original enough that I wasn't bored. It's something I feel like I could watch again.

Was it scary though? Kind of. It was scary enough that as I write this I'm watching Ice Age to ease my frights. Come on, you know you've done it too. But it wasn't something that is going to stick with me for weeks. I'm not going to need to sleep with the lights on or anything like that (at least I don't think I will). But there was still some parts that I found myself jumping at, or really wanting to scream. It was scary enough. I think it might have been, maybe not scarier, but more intense than the first one.

The director, James Wan, manages to create a sequel that at least lives up to the first one. He did a good job of connecting the two movies. I really enjoyed that this one started almost exactly where the last one went off. And he did a good job setting up for a third (but lets hope this series isn't overdone like those awful paranormal activity movies. I mean two and three were good, but four what are you even doing?).

Overall I'm happy with the movie. But if you're going to see it and you don't want to listen to other people screaming or talking then I suggest you wait one or two more weeks. It's the only thing about the experience I would change.

I give this movie four and half stars

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