Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Green Hair

It's Whatever Wednesday, the day I talk about whatever is on my mind, and it cant be book related. I don't want to talk about Syria or some other shit in the news, because it's just going to piss me off. So instead I'm going to talk a little bit about my green hair.

It's mostly older people who come in and shop at my work, so I was a little worried that if I dyed my hair green it would frighten some of them. *For those of you who don't see my twitter it isn't all green, just a few parts. I'll post a pic at the bottomish of the page.* I'm kind of shocked at how much some of the older people like it, or at least maybe pretend to like it. In the month since I've had it dyed I've only really gotten three negative comments. But I've also gotten at least fifty positive ones. It was really surprising to me.

It always makes me laugh a little to myself when an elderly doesn't understand how I got it green. One was just like "Is it food coloring?" The most asked question I get is "Is It permanent?" That's when I proceed to tell them the horror story of my sisters blue hair. My sister dyed the underneath of her hair blue probably just a little more than a year ago. About six months later she wanted purple instead. No big deal. Just a color change. Amy's blue hadn't really faded much at this point, but whatever, that just meant it was a good product. So Lexie (out cousin/hairdresser) put the bleach on the blue so she could dye it purple. She let it sit for about thirty or more minutes. It didn't even touch the blue at all. This wasn't some stupid cheap bleach either. It was like top of the line. So they tried again and put it on longer. That didn't take it out. So they just put the purple over the blue. You could still see the blue. I have the same product in my hair, except it's green. Lets hope it lasts as long.

I like my green hair. I don't care if nobody else does. I makes me happy, and I'm keeping it for a long time. Maybe next time I'll put even more in.

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