Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello Again

On Saturday I talked about coming up with a few more things like Discussion Monday so I wanted to update you on what I'm thinking so far. Honestly I'm tired and didn't want to post tonight, but I promised so here we go:

Monday - Discussion Monday - I will talk about a book related topic and you can post your opinions in the comments.

Tuesday - Top 7 Tuesday - A list day where I talk about my top 7 of something. For example one day I might talk about my top seven favorite villains or my top seven favorite ships. I'll explain why it's my favorite and stuff like that.

Wednesday - Whatever Wednesday - Wednesday will be the only non-book related day. I might talk about something that's going on in the news or maybe just something in my life that's bothering me. So it will be a pretty boring day.

Thursday - Gothic Thursday - This one will be every other Thursday. I'm taking a Gothic Fiction class so every other Thursday I'll just go over what I learned that week. So far the class seems fun. We'll see how this one works. I'm still working on one for the opposite week. Suggestions are welcome. 

Friday - Friday does not have one yet. Still taking suggestions. Friday will not be a book review day. Instead I will book review whenever I finish a book. Instead of having that weekdays post there will be a review post. I'm hoping to post everyday now.

Saturday - Ship It Saturday - A day where I talk about my ships. For example I ship Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games. So I might talk about why I ship them together and things like that.  
Sunday - Quotation Sunday - A day where I will talk about a quote and what it means to me. 

So that's it. That's what I have. If you have any suggestions for what to do on Friday and the second Thursday then please feel free to tell me about them in the comments. Again, on days where I review I will not do one of these things, instead there will be a review. So tell me what you think. Hopefully this will get me posting more. Tomorrow is the off Thursday and Friday doesn't have one yet, so we'll start with Ship It Saturday.

Thanks for reading.

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