Friday, September 6, 2013

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

I recommend this book
See. I promised I would post by the end of today. I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga was my summer reading book, and I just took the test on it today, and I just finished it last night. Do you see the problem? I didn't even give myself time to digest it. Usually I'm pretty good at BSing essays, and that's what the test was so I thought I'd do well, but I think I missed it completely. Oh well. Lets get to the review.

This is going to sound really creepy but I think serial killers are interesting. The main character in this book is named Jasper "Jazz" Dent, and he is the son of the worlds most notorious serial killer, Billy Dent. Throughout the book Jazz struggles with the idea of becoming like his dad. He doesn't want to hurt anybody but that was the way he was raised. At first it was interesting to read what Jazz had to think about turning into his father, but then it wasn't. I feel like somewhere in the book it turned into more teen angst than anything interesting. Often in the story Jazz would have to remind himself that people matter. It was okay the first few times but then I got bored with it. Honestly I just got bored with his complaining. That was my major problem with this book.

The boring teen angst that we all love so much was brought on by a killer popping up in Jazz's hometown. Jazz want's to help the cops find him. He's seventeen so yeah that wasn't happening, but like all defiant teenagers he tries to help anyways. I will say this, not knowing who the killer was until the end made me really happy. I've read other books where the killer is basically introduced within the first few pages. For me, knowing the killer's name makes it less interesting. I like it when I cant put a face to him/her until the end. This book did well with it.

Throughout the book I had a couple idea's about who the killer was. I wont tell you who it is because that would be stupid of me. But that was another thing that disappointed me. I didn't really like who the killer was and if I had written the book I would have written the ending a lot differently. But I didn't write this book so whatever.

Despite not liking angst and the killer I still really liked this book. It was written so well and it managed to keep me entertained.  There were some flaws but they're the kind that I think most people can look past so I don't really mind. I cant wait to read the second one. Hopefully it will be a little better so I can give it five stars instead of four.

I give this book four stars

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