Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top Seven Favorite Antagonists

It's Top Seven Tuesday again. Today I'm going to talk about my top seven favorite antagonists. I'm going to use antagonists from TV shows and books. I wouldn't normally do that, but my all time favorite antagonist was from a TV show and I don't feel like I could leave him out. Let's begin.

7) The Society. Sometimes the best antagonist is everyone. In the Matched trilogy Cassia fights against her society. I think it's brave. How do you fight against something that's everywhere? The Society was a good antagonist for that series, and it might not have worked in another book.

6) President Snow. We all know where this guy's from. I loved President Snow because he was easy to hate. He was somebody you could point to and say "that guy is an asshole" and you would just know you're right. Villains that are easy to hate make for an easy to love book. I wanted President Snow dead. So when bad things happened to Katniss I wanted her to keep going even though I hated her because I needed her to kill Snow. Which she didn't really do, but he still died so it still worked.

5) President Coin. Another character from The Hunger Games that's easy to hate. She's Snow, but worse. The level of deception that she uses is what makes her worse than Snow for me.

4) The Smoke Monster. AKA The Man in Black. *Spoilers ahead* Who's seen LOST? If you haven't then you really need to. Like really. The man in black is somebody I sympathized with. I mean. Come on. A crazy lady murdered him mother and stole him and wouldn't let him leave the island. Of course he's going to grow up evil. It really wasn't his fault. He's just misunderstood. And that's sometimes a good direction to take an antagonist in. Sometimes the villain needs to be likable. Sometimes you need to be able to see both sides.

3) Joe Carroll. Anybody see the Following? I did. And I loved it. Throughout the show I was rooting for Joe and his followers. I must be honest, I almost always root for the bad guys. But this time I was really really really rooting for the bad guys. I was sad when Joe or one of his followers got hurt. I not only want them to win, I need them too.

2) Tigerclaw. I love Tigerclaw *spoilers*, or Tigerstar, as those of you who have read up to the first four books would know. Which reminds me, I really need to find the fifth one. Tigerclaw is up on my list because he was somebody I hated from the beginning. He was somebody who I thought all of the characters would hate. But some of them didn't. A good antagonist is somebody who has friends. Somebody who still seems human (or cat) and not just monster.

1) Benjamin Linus. Now to my favorite antagonist of all time. Ben. I love Ben. Throughout the show (LOST) I struggled to decide if I liked Ben or not. Eventually, I decided that I did. One of the reasons it took me so long to decide though is because I couldn't figure him out. I didn't know who's side he was on. I still don't. But he got in the way and he hurt people, which is why I think most people consider him an antagonist. This is why I do. He's my favorite because he confuses me, and I still don't know who he is.

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